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Mr Dobson, Crossgates, Leeds

“After my freezer broken down, I immediately called your office last Wednesday at about 5pm. I had already resigned myself to the food defrosting and having to throw much of it in the bin, expecting that an engineer would probably be able to come out the next day at best. I spoke to Carol in the office who advised me that she would check the location of her engineers on the off chance that someone was near. To my delight, one of your engineers was passing by my home and was able to repair the freezer within an hour of my call, saving all the frozen food which was worth hundreds of pounds. At 5pm at night, it would have been easy for you guys to say ‘we will be out first thing tomorrow’, but instead you went that extra mile to help – thanks very much”

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The Appliance Doctor is one of the leading providers of appliance repair services in Leeds. Over the last forty years we have developed a strong team of engineers who are experienced and trained to repair a diverse range of appliances including:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much will it cost to repair my appliance?

A. We have a fixed labour price policy of £69 per repair. If therefore we are able to repair your appliance without replacing any parts, the cost will be £69. If a replacement part is required we will quote you for this part on an adhoc basis. The wholesaler we source our parts from is one of the cheapest on the market, so the figure we quote you will be competitive.

Q. Will you need to take my appliance away?

A. We repair around 98% of our appliances on site, within your home or business. The only time we might suggest taking your appliance away is if a) your appliance is particularly complex and requires further investigation or specialist equipment to repair it b) if it poses a risk to your safety.

Q. How do I know I can trust you?

A. We have over forty years’ experience repairing appliances at homes and businesses throughout Leeds and have a proven track record. Please feel free to ask for details of customers to whom we have delivered first class service, and you can contact them directly for a reference. Alternatively, visit our testimonials page.

Q.  Can you work on any manufacturers and models?

A. Whilst it would be misleading for us to claim we can repair 100% of all makes and models, we rarely come across a make that we cannot repair with confidence. Whilst new brands come into the market from time to time, most recently from the far east, the number of brands has not grown hugely over the last ten years. The Appliance Doctor continues to invest time and money on ensuring that when a manufacturer releases a new product, that we are trained and qualified to repair it.

Q. Should I repair my appliance or replace it?

This is one of the most common dilemmas faced by customers when their appliance breaks. This dilemma is reinforced if the appliance is over five years old and / or it requires a part replacing at great expense. Unfortunately there is no clear yes or no answer, but we would recommend you discuss the options with your repair engineer. Over the years, your engineer will have repaired 100’s of that particular make and model so they will be able to use their experience and instinct to decide which is the best option.

So if for example you have bought a low cost Indesit washing machine, which is four years old and the cost of repairing and replacing the part is £150, our engineers might suggest buying a new unit for £250, on the basis that, in their experience, it is likely to break again in the near future.

However, if you have invested a larger sum in a premium brand appliance, such as a Miele, and it requires a small repair that will get it back to full working order quickly, then obviously, it makes sense to have it repaired.